Dozens of events occur every day that place you and your travel plans at risk! To date comprehensive travel risk management services have only been available from major travel agencies.

Now you can avoid risks and travel disruptions with your own personalized e-Travel Alerts.
Now, take control of your personal trip planning, create your own travel risk management program both before and while you travel. Protect yourself, your family and your travel investment. Protests, riots, floods, bombings, tornados, strikes, disease outbreaks are events that can or will affect your travel plans or personal safety. Our experienced travel industry staff monitors government, travel industry and public news sources for these events around the clock.

Receive real time Travel Risk Management Alerts for one or more of 270+ countries and destinations.
  • Before You Travel:
    Monitor your selected destination for 1, 2 or 3 months allows you to make informed travel decisions based on events that could affect your safety or your travel itinerary
  • While You Travel:
    Receiving Alerts while you are travelling will allow you to avoid at risk situations or prepare for travel disruptions
e-Travel Alerts are ranked as follows:
Disaster – Catastrophic events
Warning – Events definitely affecting your travel plans or personal safety
Caution – Events potentially affecting your travel plans or personal safety
Informational – general destination related information
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